2008SEC – Day 2 – Eating crow?

I hate it when I’m wrong, and I think I might have been wrong about the Space Elevator and Solar Power Satellites (SPS).  I’ve had some ‘really smart people’ look over the calculations I put on my blog last year, and I think they’ve found a significant mistake.  I’ve got some more checking to do, and, if I was wrong, it means that SPS could indeed have a major role to play in solving the earth’s energy / pollution issues.

It also means I may have to redo my presentation to the conference, and THAT’s due tomorrow afternoon.  Hence I have to spend the rest of the evening working on it and will have no time to put up conference posts tonight.

But, as I said in my earlier post on the subject, I would LOVE to be wrong on this and it looks like I may have been.  I certainly hope so.

Stay tuned…