A new book release…

I received a note a few days ago from David J. Williams, the author of a new book; “The Mirrored Heavens“.  In his email to me, David writes:

“I’m the author of the just-released THE MIRRORED HEAVENS, which was published on May 20th by Random House’s Bantam Spectra.  The book centers on events following the destruction of the Phoenix Elevator, a LEO (rather than GEO) space elevator.  While I’m a writer of fiction, and certainly hope that such scenarios never come to pass, I do hope that my book might contribute in some small way to the growing publicity around space elevators, which I firmly believe to be an idea whose time has come…

You might also check out my website, where I’ve got a fair amount of imagery/data relating to the Elevator, and the world of 2110.”

The website is splendid and well worth a visit – the trailer he’s posted is first-rate and ranks very high on my cool-o-meter…  And as a blogger, I especially enjoy David’s blog – it’s really well done.

Once I’ve read this book, I’ll post a review here on the blog.

(Click on the cover thumbnail to see a larger version)

Update – 28JUN08 – Tim Gebhart has published a review of this book here.

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