National Space Society (NSS) – Going Up

In the current (Summer, 2008) issue of Ad Astra, the quarterly publication produced by the National Space Society, there is an interview with Bert Murray, captain of the NSS Space Elevator Team.  The interview, entitled ‘Going Up’, covers such topics as Bert’s background, team progess, advantages of a Space Elevator, etc.

It’s a worthy read contained in a worthy publication.  I never have enough time to read all of the magazines I’ve subscribed to, but I always read As Astra from cover to cover – it’s very well put together and always has interesting and timely articles.  If you’re not already a member of NSS, I urge you to consider joining.

On a related note, at the recently completed ISDC 2008 conference, the NSS team had a booth.  I had posted about this before along with some photographs.  One thing I neglected to mention is that NSS has created a brochure about their Space Elevator team.  The three thumbnails in this post are of the brochure – click on the thumbnails to get a larger, readable version of them.

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  1. Tom Terry

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