More Space Elevator potpourri…

I forgot to mention that Simon Vanden Bussche, emailing me from Belgium, was the first one to correctly guess what ‘work in progress’ (documented here, here, here and here) was.  Simon has previously contributed to this blog (via providing the Dutch translation for ‘Space Elevator’) and has also written an article about the first Space Elevator Conference held in Europe last year (chronicled here).  Thank you Simon!

The picture, above, is a thumbnail of a poster which was mounted on the Space Elevator Games Venue exhibit.  It contain’s Ben Shelef’s thoughts on the value of asteroids to humanity.  Click on the thumbnail to get a larger, readable version of the picture.

We’re up to 23!  Dan Leafblad from the Kansas City Space Pirates has sent me translations for ‘Space Elevator’ in six additional languages, Finnish, Korean, Romanian, Hindi, Czech and Greek.  Thanks Dan!

And last but not least, Tom Nugent (and his wife Elizabeth – I do think she had something to do with this), of LiftPort and LaserMotive fame, welcomed the latest addition to their family, Howard Antares Nugent.  If you want to see all the details about ‘fun and games’ with their new baby, check out Not In Kansas Anymore…  Congratulations guys!!