Daily Archives: September 22, 2007

Dates finalized for the EuroSpaceward Climber and Tether Design Workshop

In May of this year, EuroSpaceward announced (via Brad Edwards) a workshop to be held in November of this year.  The tentative dates were initially Nov 14-16, but these have now been changed/finalized to Nov 12-14.

Read my original blog posting about this event here and Brad Edwards announcement at the Space Elevator Reference here.

(Thank you Markus Klettner for pointing out the revised dates to me.)

News from the Kansas City Space Pirates

The latest from Brian Turner, fearless leader of the Kansas City Space Pirates:

“Well it’s now less than one month to the competition. We are down to the heavy work of getting ready. If it was still August I would be ecstatic. As it is, I feel quite pressured by time. But all systems are progressing well and we are not expecting any surprises. All of the custom electronics showed up on schedule and that was the last of the potential show-stoppers.

Every test for the last month has been as expected or better. We also will have cool Space Pirate collateral. Including flags, t-shirts, tattoos and mirrors. Speak up if your interested in some of this loot.

Press coverage:

You can find a picture of my garage in the October issue of Kansas City Business Magazine. It’s located just inside the back cover. The magazine should be on sale now. I mistakenly told some of you that this would be in the Kansas City Business Journal. The KC Business Magazine website is KCBcentral.com]