News from LaserMotive

Tom Nugent Jr. of LaserMotive is resuming his “Meet the Team” series and, while he makes no promises that he’ll be able to keep this up, one can only hope that he does so.

In his latest post, we meet LaserMotive team member David Bashford.  We learn that;

“Dave brings several things to any team he’s on. First is his ability to organize parts, tools and information, something that is easy to overlook and underestimate until you see it in action. Second is his ability to ask the annoying questions just when they most need to be asked (”shouldn’t we move that mirror first?”). Third is his ability to take a rough paper napkin sketch, a badly thought out electrical schematic, and a ten minute discussion of overall concept and turn them into a working proof of concept for a sub system.”

All of this is well and good.  However, as a once proud owner of a 1967 Camaro, truly one of the finest cars ever built, I am thrilled to learn that Dave says about himself;

“When I was a teen I built my first car. A ‘67 Camaro. I learned lots, including you can’t out-run a radio…”

Yes, I learned the same thing.  I foresee good conversations with you at this year’s Games, Dave.

Read the entire post to learn all about Dave and what he brings to team LaserMotive.

(Camaro picture from here – click on the thumbnail to see it in all it’s glory)