Odds ‘n Ends…

Some additional news / updates:

One of the members of the press which attended last year’s Space Elevator Games was Paul Verhage, from the Nuts & Volts magazine.  He’s written a two part series about the Games.  The first one is now out and available here (note; subscription needed, or you can just pick up this copy at your newstand), in the March, 2008 issue.  Paul tells me that Part II of his report will be in next month’s issues.

I am informed by Lasermotive’s Tom Nugent Jr., that their team member Jordin Kare was recently quoted on Fox News.com.  The title of the story; “There’s No Easy Way to Get to Alpha Centauri” discusses ways to explore other star systems, including Bussard Ramjets, Orion (old ‘bang-bang’) and Solar Sails boosted by lasers (which is where Jordin comes in).

Finally, the Queen’s Space Engineering Team, having just successfully filled team positions VP Finance, VP Marketing and VP Sponsorship, have now announced that they are “still in the progress of looking for more members to be on the design team. We’re hiring executive design positions as well as looking for general members to be on the team.”