News from E-T-C; the Space Elevator on Japanese TV

A couple of days ago, I received this email from Akira Tsuchida; fearless leader of team E-T-C;

Ted, Brad and Ben,

I am sorry not to talk to you for a long time.  I am having hard time to get sponsor for E-T-C to join 2008 game.  Still I am not sure if we can join this year or not even I registered….

BTW, there is one good news from Japan today.  Space Elevator became popular today in Japan.  It was on TV Asahi from 8 pm to 9 pm on Sunday.  TV Asahi is one of major TV broadcasting network in Japan.  This program in not for Education purpose but unique.  That program has an audience rating of almost ten percent.  Ten percent is big number.

Anyway, HQ of Spaceward foundation was shown even I have not been there yet.  And Brad is also on the TV.  Also they made big globe and space station to explain about SE and they invited me to explain.

They broadcast around 30 minutes.  I hope SE becomes more popular in Japan.

I just want to tell you about this TV program.  Still I need to find sponsor but I am very happy today.

Akira Tsuchida

10 percent IS a big number in viewer percentage – let’s hope this leads to a) more interest in the concept of a Space Elevator in Japan and b) some sponsorship help for team E-T-C.

The four pictures in this post are from Akira; they are from the show.  Click on them for a larger version.  The good looking guy just “above” the globe in the first picture is Akira.  And the large-version of the picture of Dr. Edwards is almost scary 🙂

And, as this team IS the Earth-Track-Controllers (for the International Space Station – ISS), the picture of the ISS in this group can be forgiven 🙂