Queen’s Space Engineering Team to use TRUMPF Lasers

Today, the Queen’s Space Engineering Team announced that they would be using a TRUMPF laser to power their entry into this year’s Climber / Power-Beaming competition.  From their website:

“First of all, I’d like to announce TRUMPF as QSET’s new partner for the 2008 Space Elevator Games!  TRUMPF will be supplying us with their powerful 8000 W semiconductor pumped, solid state laser.  This laser is a marvel of engineering (I’ve seen under the hood, it’s unbelievable).  We are excited to work with the experts at TRUMPF and anticipate a great competition in September 2008!”

They’ve also announced that they’ve extended the deadline for applications for several positions with their team, plus an announcement of new positions and a request for applications for them.

Read the full post, here, for all the details.

This makes the second team that has reached an agreement with TRUMPF to use their lasers this year.  Earlier, the Kansas City Space Pirates announced that they would be using TRUMPF lasers also.

With USST and Lasermotive, this makes at least four teams which should be entering laser-powered climbers in this year’s competition – only 162 more days to go! 🙂

03 March, 2008 – I can’t count – that should have been 193 more days to go…