NSS Space Elevator Competition Team – Help Wanted

A few days ago, I wrote that the National Space Society (NSS) had decided to compete in the 2008 (and 2009) Space Elevator Games with an entry in the Climber-Power/Beaming competition.

At the NSS website, Bert Murray, fearless leader of the nascent NSS team, has put out a call for volunteers:


I am leading a team to compete in this year’s Elevator2010 contest. Right now the team consists of seven people. I would like to grow the team to 10 to 20 team members. In particular we need help in laser optics, and embedded controls

If you are interested please shoot me an email.

Bert Murray
Ellicott City, MD

hcm1955 [AT] gmail.com

D 301 698 3382
E 410 750 7497

NSS Space Elevator Chapter
NSS Space Elevator Team

As a member of NSS, it’s tempting for me to sign up.  However, I think the independence and objectivity of the Space Elevator Blog requires that I keep this at arms length.  If you’re a member of NSS though (or even if you’re not) and you’re looking for a fun project and/or a concrete way to help further the development of a Space Elevator, here’s a great opportunity for you to do so.

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  1. Gpa

    Does the “cable” need to touch the surface? How about some gas filled lifters to a higher “cable” connection? Exchange balancing weights and return. Give you some more problems to consider? What else can some of us do…we might learn something along the way that we did not know or realize. How much mass could be taken from earth before orbits are effected? Then there is transport one atom at a time.

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