The return of Punkworks?

There is a new user on YouTube called Punkworks2008.  Does this bode for their return to competition this year?  In their most recent blog entry, they stated that “We’re definitely not coming back to Spaceward’s games ever again.”  I’ve emailed them to see what’s what.  In the meantime, here’s a video that Punkworks2008 has just posted on YouTube.



The description for this video reads: Punkworks microwave wireless power transmission (WPT) beam testing in 2008 in preparation for the Space Elevator Games. The motor is being powered by the microwave beam.”

It would be nice if they do decide to compete.  No one has yet met a credible, Microwave-powered entry into the Climber/Power-Beaming event.  We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “The return of Punkworks?

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  2. Nick B

    I’m working on this still. Don’t you worry – we may not return as Punkworks, but at least I’ll be wearing one of their shirts. I’m just poor as piss at the moment, and have -$42k of school debt to climb out of. It doesn’t help that no one wants to give me a job …

    BTW – I’m the guy chewing gum, wearing the camo jacket in the video. 🙂

    Lets just say a series of events after the last competition turned many people off from competing again. I think seeing USST get very very close to the target time/ascent rate without being given the prize gives the impression that the requirements will always be twisted slightly to prevent a winner.

    I on the other hand, have a different attitude, and I’m really stubborn. However, I couldn’t make it to the actual competitions, so maybe I’m still sort of naive on how all this works. Just going to take my time, hope no one wins the next competition, save some money for the entrance fee, and try for the next one.

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