News from EuroSpaceward

The 2nd European Workshop on Space Elevator Design has been tentatively rescheduled to Oct 18-19, 2008.  EuroSpaceward’s Markus Klettner emails me that this date will depend on when this year’s Space Elevator Games (now scheduled to begin on September 8th this year) actually occur.

Our friends across the pond certainly have a busy schedule this year:

February 20-22, 2008 ISU, Strasbourg-Illkirch, France
EuroSpaceward’s poster session on Why we need an elevator to space!
International Space University’s
12th Annual International Symposium

Sep 23-24, 2008 European Lift Congress 2008, Heilbronn, Germany
EuroSpaceward’s presentation by Dr. Brad Edwards:
The Space Elevator: Design and Technical Challenges

Oct 1, 2008, Session D4, IAC Glasgow, United Kingdom
Space Elevators and Advanced Tethers – Roadmaps to the Future

Oct 18-19, 2008: 2nd European Workshop on Space Elevator Design, Luxembourg

For schedule updates, visit the EuroSpaceward website or check back here.