Updates from LaserMotive…

Since the competition, LaserMotive has put up a number of posts on their blog.  These cover everything from who some of their sponsors / suppliers were, to qualifying videos to problems with their brakes, etc.  Rather than trying to summarize each one, just go visit their blog, here, for yourself, and see what they’ve been up to.  I fully expect these guys to be a major player in the next Spaceward Games.

The coolest video they had on their blog, IMHO, was one showing them testing a portion of their automated tracking system.  It would have been wonderful to see this in action; USST had problems with theirs and it may have cost them the prize money.  As this is largely software-dependent (and I’m a software guy), its of particular interest to me.  And, as their blog entry states, this video “certainly makes an interesting sound”.


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