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I have been corresponding with Dr. Brad Edwards who attended the recent EuroSpaceward “Space Elevator Climber and Tether Workshop”.  He sent me the following news (and I quote):

“The conference in Luxembourg went very well – including an announcement by Cambridge of 20 GPa CNT threads.”

This rocks, of course, and I am working on getting additional details.  There is nothing yet about this on the Cambridge website, but I’m assuming there will be soon.

Stay tuned…

04FEB2008 – Correction.  The best fiber strength was measured at 9 GPa, not 20 GPa as I (and others) initially reported.

7 thoughts on “Breaking news…

  1. Stephen Steiner

    Stay tuned is right! A very exciting time for materials. DeltaX has been working on these materials for some time now as well and we’re right up there with Alan Windle. We’re making yarns as well as ribbons and are excited about the progress we’re making.

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  3. Darnell Clayton

    Are you for real?

    So we are like one third of the way? 🙂

    If we can get to 65 GPa, then we will have the political clout to approach our government about seriously considering this project.

    If the US turns them down however, Japan may be open to taking this on.

  4. Ted Semon Post author

    Yep, I’m for real – and I think the news is too 🙂

    If not Japan, how about Dubai and India? I still like the case I made for them…

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