The 2007 Light Racers Competiton – Part 2

McGill University was one of the “double-dipping” teams this year, entering two competitions; the Power-Beaming / Climber competition and the Light Racers Competition.

Their car was, by far, the fastest one in the competition.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t stay within the race course boundaries, despite repeated attempts, until after the competition was closed.  The idea of these “cars” was that they should be steerable via remote-control, like an RC racer.  But several of the competitors lacked that feature; the competitor would put them on the starting line, aim them towards the finish line, and hope for the best.  The KC Space Pirates winning “car” was built this way, as was the McGill car.

The first video show their best competition run.  If the “car” had stayed in bounds it would have easily won the Professional category.


The second video shows a run they made in conjunction with the KC Space Pirates.  This was after the competition was closed and they were just having fun.


The final video shows a great run they made – crossing the finish line in bounds.  Unfortunately it was a “fun run” and didn’t count towards a prize.  You’ll note that at the end of the run, it ran into yours truly.  I was recording the competition while sitting on the floor at the finish line.  All of the racers, with the exception of the McGill one, moved so slowly that I was able to easily get out of their way if they were headed towards me.  But with this run I had no chance.  I tried to record it myself but messed it up somehow.  This video is courtesy of Alex from the McGill Team.


Thanks Alex!

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