2007 Space Elevator Games – (Entry 68)

Here is a video of E-T-C’s last run last night.  As with the previous runs, it moved very little (if at all) on the ribbon – but a noble try nonethless.



I asked Akira Tsuchida, team leader of E-T-C, why he thought the climber failed to ascend.  He told me that after his team had viewed UBC’s climber shaking and losing some pieces, they added additional bracing to their climber.  This made it too heavy to ascend (the first time around).  They tried some additional climber and software modifications this time, but still no luck.

And, one thing I have to mention about Akira, this guy is the personification of dedication.  He actually sold his Mercedes to help finance the construction of his team’s climber.  The bicycle he bought to replace it was stolen, too, so he just had no luck in that regard.

Thank you coming Akira and the entire E-T-C team.  Everyone enjoyed your company and your good spirits and your willingness to talk to anyone and everyone.  Here’s hoping that your entry for next year will be a winner!