More team news…

I received this email from Brian Turner, captain and fearless leader of the Kansas City Space Pirates:

The trailers are packed and we should leave in just a few hours. There are 4 other teams that are definitely coming, 9 that have dropped out, and 8 unknowns. That makes me feel pretty good about our chances. It is harder to send out these messages on the road so I wanted to point you all to the best source of timely information.

The Space Elevator Blog

Ted Semon posts most days, and promised to post several times a day during the comp. There is supposed to be a video feed of the competition. I figure the Space Elevator blog will post it’s location.


Thanks for the kind words Brian – I try !

And, this late word from Arthur Shay of Team Zero G:

Hi Ted,

I’m disappointed to say we were not able to complete our entry in time for this years climb. We tried until the last minute but as the deadline for the climb video ticked by our fate was sealed. The good news is I am still coming on the 18th to represent my team and displaying our climber (minus transmitter) on climber row. I think there is much to be learned by attending. I hope to static test our climbers ribbon mounting system against the full tension of the real ribbon, and perhaps win some recognition for design innovations and Space Elevator program presentation. Who knows maybe even pickup a few new team member, and if lucky some pointers from the other teams. If nothing else I can show my support for the Space Elevator and the teams that were able to finish in time. I don’t know if it is true. But I have heard that sometimes sponsorship angels attend these events, “wink wink know what I mean A”, we could all use a little of that! I am looking forward to meeting you at the venue.


Arthur Shay
Team leader
Team Zero G

So, that makes 5 teams definitely in, 10 teams definitely out, with 7 more to be heard from (see my previous post on this)…