The latest from the Kansas City Space Pirates

I received this today from Brian Turner, fearless leader of the Kansas City Space Pirates:

“Well we leave in two weeks! The short time is currently our biggest problem. We have a second trailer so we should have plenty of room. I am attaching a photo of my driveway to give an idea of how much the project has overflowed my garage. Fortunately I live in the county and we can have a bunch of weird stuff all over the lawn. The neighbors are all rooting for us too. Sometimes they stop and ask what is going on.

This weekend I need to get several hundred holes drilled in the mirror frames. So those of you that are local, now is the time that we could use some help. Call me at 816-716-7077. The process is simple and I am planning on having a supervisor for those of you that have not drilled that many holes. Bring a cordless drill if you have one and a 3/16″ bit.

I also am including a photo of what happens on a windy day when we left a mirror tied to something too small.

Brian Turner”

(Click on the photos for larger versions)