LaserMotive posts photos of one of their test setups…

This is an interesting post from LaserMotive with some neat photos of one of their test setups.

The post notes that LaserMotive needed to produce a video of their power beaming system in operation.  All of the entrants in the Climber / Power-Beaming competition needed to produce a similar video, a requirement from Spaceward (the organization running the Space Elevator Games) to help ensure that only serious entrants will be allowed to compete.  Last year, there were entrants who were totally unprepared for the competition but who showed up anyway and insisted on getting time on the test and competition ribbons.  This wound up hurting the teams that actually were prepared, something that Spaceward is determined to prevent this year.

(The picture is from the LaserMotive blog – click on it (or visit their blog) for a larger version.  They have another picture of the test setup on the blog as well)