USST revamps/updates their website

The USST website is sporting a new, updated look – quite spiffy IMHO.  They’ve also been updating their “News” section and we learn from it several interesting things.  Their August 14th update states:

Members of USST have photos taken to be published in “NASA 50”, a publication celebrating the 50th anniversary of NASA.

That’s mega-cool.  Also, their August 22nd entry states:

USST has been unofficially notified by the FAA that they will be approved to operate their laser power source at the Elevator 2010 competition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Check out their News section for all USST updates.  We also have other confirmation that they will be using a laser to power their Climber this year.  From their website’s Home Page:

For this year’s Elevator: 2010 Competition, the USST is making use of a high-powered laser and we are currently conducting thorough design and testing in order to provide the next generation of beamed power at this years competition.

That makes at least two laser powered entries this year; LaserMotive being the other one.  And, we have the Andromeda Connection’s “Solar Laser” entry, too.  I have no doubt that returning competitors KC Space Pirates, UBC-Snowstar and University of Michigan’s MClimber will all up their game.  Add that to the other first-time entrants and this year’s competition is shaping up to be the most intense yet.  If you haven’t made your plans to be there yet, I’d urge you to do so.  This is an event not to be missed.

1 thought on “USST revamps/updates their website

  1. Stan Taylor

    How did you make out at the competition? Did you win for the 3rd year in a row?

    I am currently writing an article on Clayton Ruszkowski, a Mechanical Engineering student at USST. The article will first be published in “Crucible” the magazine of the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (probably January, 2009 edition). It will later be published on the Scientists in School web site under “Stan the Science Man” (your truly).


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