News from the Andromeda Connection

The Andromeda Connection has updated their blog (they entitle it “Progress Report”).  The latest news reads, in part;

“It seems the solar laser will be easier and cheaper to build anyway, and the odds of cloud cover during the 3 day event are acceptable. It was therefore decided that a MOLPSoL solar laser would replace the spot lights, providing 6 suns of light energy instead of the original 2 suns expected from the spot lights.”

The man has confidence, no doubt about it.  On his “Why AnConn” page, he states;

“True, there is a lot of competition in this event. Some of this year’s competitors have big names. Some have proven their muster in past events. But given what I have seen from past events, the research I’ve done and my ideas for overcoming the problems mentioned below, there is no doubt in my mind that this year’s competition is in the bag.”

Due to his change in Climber power supply, he also now has some items for sale;

“I have 6 – 2500W/220V long throw spot lights for sale. Asking $1200.00 each, plus shipping. Any takers?”

Their website also has a number of photos and videos on it – definitely worth checking out.  The thumbnail shown on this post is from their gallery and is of the two halves of their drive system.  Click on it for a larger view.

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