Note to other teams – wanna buy some equipment?

I received this news today from Clayton Ruszkowski, captain of the USST Space Design Team:

“…we are putting our 1kW laser stack, highly reflective mirror and solar cells (GaAs) up for sale to the other teams. They will be posted on our new and updated website next week…if anyone is interested to contact me via my email address; usst [AT]…”

Clayton has emailed me some pictures of the stuff for sale (here and here – both are 1mb files).  So, either USST has given up or has upgraded.  I would lay a large amount of cash on the latter.  They are also sporting the spiffy new logo shown on this post (click on it for a high-res version).

Finally, Clayton and I have also entered into “serious discussions” on what type of Canadian beer may be brought to yours truly… 🙂  You know, I wonder if I could talk the German, Japanese and Spanish teams into bringing along a six-pack or two…

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