A story from last year’s Space Elevator Games…

One of the entrants in last year’s Space Elevator Games was LiteWon, a team made up of High School students from Westmont High School located in Campbell, CA.  Their climber, certainly the least complicated one there, came up with the second best time to the top (a little over two minutes), losing out only to USST.  This year, they are returning for another crack at the prize.

A story ran in the November 1st, 2006 issue of the Campbell Reporter, one I hadn’t seen until Ben Shelef emailed it to me a few days ago.  It really is well done and the photographs are wonderful.  The author, Alicia Upano, did a marvelous job.  My favorite fact from the story was that their climber was powered by a motor from a model airplane.

If you want to see the story photos in all their glory, click on this link to view the pdf of the story.  Though this pdf file is large (2 MB), it is well, worth the time it will take to download on your machine (IMHO).

(Photo credit: Jacqueline Ramseyer – click on it for a larger version.  There are also several other excellent photos in the story)