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There have been a couple of posts recently (here and here) on the LaserMotive blog, both concerning the mirror that they’re going to be using in the upcoming Space Elevator Games.

In the latest post, they include a cool photograph, showing a reflection of someone from the coated side of their mirror, and discussing why they’re not concerned that their mirror doesn’t reflect visible light very well.

I must say, of all the Space Elevator Team websites, only a few are updated frequently.  I understand that it takes extra work to keep a blog updated (well I know) and a lot of teams just don’t have the extra bandwidth to do this.  Also, I’m sure that some teams are worried about giving too much away to the competition.  With a half-million bucks at state, it’s hard to fault that logic.  But I hope that the other teams will start posting some updates on their blogs soon, otherwise I’m going to have to subject them to one of my infamous interviews 🙂

(Click on the picture thumbnail, or check out the LaserMotive post, for a larger version)

3 thoughts on “Updates from LaserMotive

  1. Tom Nugent

    What other teams are updating semi-regularly? I’ve seen sporadic reports (every couple of months) from 2 or 3 other teams, but that’s about it.

    As I think we’ve shown, you don’t have to publish gory details of your schematics online to still have somewhat interesting updates to post about!

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    E-T-C and KC Space Pirates are probably the best, besides you guys. USST will too (if last year was any indication).

    But it’s sparse (hint, hint, everyone…)

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