Japan Space Elevator Association

No, I didn’t know that there was one either.  I cannot read Japanese, and there’s no English translation.

I found it via a link on the E-T-C Space Elevator Team website.  It seems that the team will be making a presentation to the Japan Space Elevator Association (JSEA) on July 28th.  I’ll contact their team captain to try and find out how organized the JSEA is and what we might be hearing from them in the future…

I would LOVE IT if the Japanese got into this in a big way.  Here’s a country with the technical know-how, the resources and the balls to pull this off.  And, my wife is of Japanese ancestry – maybe I can use that connection to wangle a ride 🙂

4 thoughts on “Japan Space Elevator Association

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  2. Darnell Clayton

    Talk about “uber cool.”

    I wonder if you could convince your wife to move to Japan, gain citizenship, teach you Japanese and set up an official SE company (like LiftPort and Blackline Ascension).

    What better way to “wangle” a ride than to own the transportation? 😉

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