“The Moon is Red”

A “Future History” blog posting from The Divine Mr. M.¬† In it he postulates the breakup of the USA, the reconquista of the Southwest USA back into the arms of Mexico, the ascendance of Hispanic (and Chinese)¬†power and, above all, a Spanish Space Elevator (“El Tallo“, The Stalk) located in Quito, Ecuador.

A very interesting read…

One thought on ““The Moon is Red”

  1. Denny Benton

    The author’s societal premise is ludicrous, and runs contrary to everything history teaches us about civilizations. Even if the US fails to bring illegal immigration under any kind of control; and if those immigrants totally, absolutely fail to assimilate in any way, shape, or form; and even if they managed to prosper instead of just dragging the economies down that they colonized; and if they decided to politically secede from the United States; and if the United States permitted it; they STILL would not choose to merge with Mexico. They would choose to be a new, third country, or even several new countries.

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