Space Odyssey

Kristin Ohlson wrote a short piece on the Space Elevator for  You can find it here.  She’s also doing a piece for an upcoming issue of the Inflight magazine for US Airways (which I, among others, have been working with her on).  When it’s published, I’ll link to it also (assuming it’s available online).

One note on this article; she writes that this year’s Space Elevator Games will be held in October.  Others have written the same thing.  Some have written it would be in conjunction with the Space Elevator Games and still others have written that it would be held in Las Vegas.


Ben Shelef of and, the organizer of these games, has been hard at work setting up the venue.  But at the moment nothing has been finalized.  Anything you read about the when and where of these games at this point is sheer speculation.  When an agreement has been reached and signed, you’ll be able to read about it on the and websites, and on this blog.