The Space Elevator & Space Engineering & Mathematics Project

At the Space Elevator Reference, they are reporting that during the 5th International Conference on Applied Sciences (to be held sometime in 2008), there will also be a track devoted to “The Space Elevator & Space Engineering & Mathematics Project”.  This is intended to;

“Now we will bring together in a special section of the the leaders in the relevant fields, scientists, colleagues and the private industry to push engineering designs of future climbers and allow participants to form partnerships that are beneficial to the teams, industry promoting their products in general.” 

Read the full posting here.

In the same posting, the Space Elevator Reference also discusses the upcoming German Space Elevator Games, also to be held in 2008.  It’s not clear from the posting whether or not they will be held in conjunction with the Conference, but looking at the logo, I would guess “yes”.  Thanks to a tip from Team Zero G’s Arthur Shay, I reported in early March about these same Games.  You can read that post here.

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  1. ashish dan

    great .i like such type of mathematical project .if i choosed to do work in it i”ll really feel heaven

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