Liftport photos now on flickr

Michael Laine of Liftport fame (hey, that rhymes!) has posted a plethora of photographs on the flickr website.  You can access his “main page” here, and then thumb through the multiple pages of posted photographs.

In the main stream of photographs, many of them are hardware-related, others are “travel photos”, taken, I assume, while they were traveling to-from test sites.  There are other streams of pictures; the most interesting, to me, were the ones of the carbon nanotube furnace.

2 thoughts on “Liftport photos now on flickr

  1. Michael Laine

    again, not even close to being ready for public viewing…

    i have posted 1750 images – out of 4000… many of them are my personal images of my personal life… i have a long ways to go i organizing this stuff. have you set up images at flickr before? it is an incredibly time consuming process – upload, tag, map, organize into sets and collection, write descriptions for the images, sets and collections, set the date of the image, and then, once youve done all this stuff – then it will be ready for the public.

    i will seperate all these into 2 big collections – “MJL personal” and “LiftPort Space Elevator”. the MJL stuff won’t be all that interesting to to most people. however, occassionally, i take some pretty good images… so they will be availabel to people as well.

    our main intention with this site is to showcase our hardware – balloons, robots, nanotubes, lasers, photocells, other nanotech stuff. i have not posted it, yet, but i have some great pictures of me in ‘bunny suits’, at some clean rooms ive visited. also there are some images of various events ive attended.

    so, even though they are not ready yet, feel free to browse through the sets. hopefully, you can tell from the brief descriptions, which sets will interest you.

    enjoy. i wont be ‘finished’ with posting this stuff for weeks. we will announce when we are ready to display them.

    take care. mjl

  2. Michael Laine

    ive now posted about 2500 images. i have divided these into a couple sets, LiftPort, Tests/Demos, Other space elevator stuff, and random LiftPort stuff. also, there are 2 other folders, one with everything, and one with my personal stuff in it.

    so, its beginning to be organized, but it will take me weeks to finish. and by that time, i will have more photos…

    i dont have any descriptions posted, yet. that is my next task, for each of the sets. once done with that, i will try to post some detail about individual images.

    if anyone has any images that would like more info on, just post a comment, and i will respond to those first.

    take care. mjl

    p.s. starting this weekend, i will also start photoblogging from this archive.

    as a bonus, i will even use capital letters, proper grammar and punctuation, too. 🙂


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