LiftPort channel now at YouTube

There is now a YouTube channel comprised solely of videos from the LiftPort crew.  These videos show various types of testing they’ve done with their prototypes.

There are 8 videos on there now and more are promised in the near future.

I’ve linked to one of the videos here.  Visit the channel to view the entire collection…

1 thought on “LiftPort channel now at YouTube

  1. Michael Laine

    thanks for catching that, ted. we were not quite ready to promote it, yet, i figured we needed another week or so, to put the finishing touches on it. but, that is the nature and the value of the internet – no way to keep things secret (even if they are good news!).

    so, in the upcoming week, we will post a few more vids, and complete descriptions of what happened at each. what we learned, where we succeeded, and where we failed.

    it will take us a while to put all this together, because there is a lot of it. and special thanks out to tim c, for helping set it up.

    and more to come, so keep watching. 🙂

    take care. mjl

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