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Alan Boyle, from MSNBC’s The Cosmic Log, has just posted what, IMHO, is the most complete coverage (so far) on the problems at LiftPort and Michael Laine’s response to them.  Michael is going to go, full-bore, into trying to commercialize their balloon-platform product in an attempt to save the company.  Alan’s article is very comprehensive and is highly recommended reading.

Michael, I can’t think of any brilliant ideas, at the moment, for your balloon-platform product, but you have my promise that a) I’m going to seriously think about it and b) if I come up with ANYTHING, I will surely let you know.

I call on the rest of the Space Elevator Community to do likewise.  LiftPort is too valuable to let it go under.  If you have a good idea, even a crazy idea, send it along to Michael – we may all benefit from it.

Also, at the Space Elevator Reference, Michael Laine has responded to Marc Boucher’s editorial on the issues at LiftPort.

4 thoughts on “More on LiftPort…

  1. Wesley Parish

    For what it’s worth – there was an article on slashdot a few days ago, if I remember correctly, about research at Massey University that had turned up a set of organic compounds that generated electricity.

    Now picture this: you have a dirigible balloon with the dirigible structure made from carbon nanotube-reinforced plastics. It’s light. You have electric motors. You have a colourful design on the top made from these Massey U., organic compounds, to keep engines running.

    And excess power can be fed into cameras, radar, IR etc. You could sell them to Universities for long-term astronomy projects that require IR telescopes to remain within a set area for a long-enough period of time; you could sell them to mineral exploration companies to map the land; etc.

    I think it is achievable. What do you think?

  2. Michael Laine

    thanks ted. as you can imagine, its a little busy and hectic around here… 🙂 but my team and i really appreciate your support. i’ve got about 5 posts for my blog this morning, so check frequently, as things are changing (improving) rapidly. thanks for your continued support, and yes, if you have any ideas – specitically – if you have any ideas about customers for the balloon systems, please let me know. take care. mjl

  3. Darnell Clayton

    I think I have a crazy idea! I won’t mention it here (as I have to explain the whole SE process to them and how these balloons could help out LiftPort) but I was wondering if Michael would consider creating an email address for us to send ideas to?

    We could go with the general info, but it may get cluttered with the daily grind of requests.

    Just a thought…

  4. Michael Laine

    darnell, just use the info@ address or laine@. both will be fine. yes, we are getting a lot of email these days, and sorting and answering is taking a fair amount of time. but it is great to see the level of support. take care. mjl

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