SESI2007 – Day 4 Update

The first of the morning sessions has just finished.  Brad Edwards had to do double-duty this morning, giving a talk on the current state of Space Elevator development and then giving Ben Shelef’s speech on the Space Elevator Games (Ben couldn’t be with us for this conference, unfortunately).

Nothing really new on the Space Elevator front from Brad.  He gave the status and listed the current problems, the biggest of which is funding.  He did, however, make the statement that he thought that the development of sufficiently strong carbon nanotubes was only “one or two years away.”  I sure hope he’s correct – this would change everything.

He then gave a summary of the Space Elevator games.  The “new news” is that there should be an announcement in the next week or two about the venue and timing for this year’s games and there was a well-received suggestion that perhaps a conference be held at the same time.  We’ll see.

I’ll wrap up in my next post.

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