SESI2007 – Day 2 Update

Presentations for today, including one by yours truly, have finished.  After I finish putting up this post, time to go downstairs and have a beer or two…

My presentation went well (I think).  No one laughed (at least none that I could hear) and no one threw anything at me.  I also was asked several questions and have had two other conference participants stop me in the hall and tell me that they enjoyed my presentation.  So I guess it went OK.  Huge thanks to Marco Benassi, my speech teacher…

The picture is of Brad Edwards (on the right) and Haym Benaroya.  Haym, from Rutgers University, gave a couple of presentations today; “Lunar Base Concepts” and “Why the moon?”.  Brad makes his two presentations tomorrow.  I’m hoping that we hear something (anything) about Black Line Ascension, his new venture with Bryan Laubscher.

As always, click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

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