Can U Say … Tower of Babel?

I can’t remember when I have enjoyed a comment thread more than the one attached to this Blog posting.

Jeremy is convinced that current efforts to build a Space Elevator are a sign of the imminent return of Christ.  Brian Dunbar, from LiftPort, tries to gently engage him in some rational conversation.  For his pains, he’s told that he’s trying to interpret scripture with a “carnal mind” and that he’s persecuting Jeremy…

For shame, Brian… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Can U Say … Tower of Babel?

  1. Michael Laine

    wow… there is so much in that dicsussion, i can hardly contain it all. really, i am not being sarcastic here.

    beleive it or not, we really need to take jeremy’s position seriously. ive gotten a couple emails encouraging us to build this faster, so that it will hasten the end of the world. if ive gotten 5-6 of these, how many people actually, truely beleive this?

    of coures, there is no way to argue rationally agaisnt the irrational.

    that said, i am catholic. last weekend i gave a 30min lecture to my students (17years old, about 15 of them getting ready for the sacrement of Confirmation). my lecture was on the topic of persecution for ones beleifs. i side with brian on this concept.

    but we do need to recognize where this guy is coming from, and honor it. because if we rile-up the religious powers-that-be, this thing will not get built…. look to the ‘four pillars of infratructure development’ – social/political issues are significant.

    brian, nicely argued points. pointless, as his mind is closed to your ideas, but nicely done never the less.

    Ted, nice job point this out. i had missed the full extent of it.

    take care guys. mjl

  2. Jeremy

    Thank you Michael for the words of encouragement.

    It is still obvious that no one really understands what I said in that post. I am NOT saying that the building and comlpetion of the space elevator will bring about the END OF THIS WORLD as spoke of by my Lord Jesus Christ.

    I AM saying that building the space elevator is ONE of many things that MUST take place before the return of Jesus. I AM saying that Christians need to be aware of the global events around us to determine where we are in the timeline of God. I AM saying that people everywhere need to heed to what scripture says and watch for the return of Jesus.

    It doesn’t really matter if you believe the words of Jesus or not, the events laid out in the Word of God are going to happen. Every one will confess Jesus is Lord, as well as people saying, Lord, Lord, we did all these things in your name. And God will say, depart from me, I knew you. ye worker of iniquity.

    Please do not misunderstand anything I have said in any post about this topic. I KNOW man will go to live space, scripture tells us that. I KNOW man will use the part of his brain that was opened up at the Fall of Man in the beginning to develop a way to get there and sustain life.

    It is the age old quest for mankind to ‘go where no one has gone before.’

    However, it is time for Christians to realize the end if the age is here and knocking on our door. As I have said, this is ONLY ONE of many things that will occur before the return of Jesus.

    Thanks for the link back!

  3. Brian

    I’ve run into a fair number of different points of view on doing ‘stuff’ over the past few years – I’ve got a gynormous amount of respect for ‘other’ points of view.

    Especially because they enhance MY pov and make ti better for the experience.

  4. Wesley Parish

    FWIW, I had forgotten that side of religious experience.

    FWIW, it also happens to be parodied, quite adequately, in the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And no, for once I’m not quoting chapter and verse – if you want to see where tHHGttG parodies religion, you read the book yourself.

    As far as the idea of “prophecy” as “foretelling” in the Bible goes, the best rejoinder to that I ever read was from a Muslim, who asked why, if the events of – well, any time within the last two thousand years as interpreted by Christians at various times – were specifically foreseen in the Bible, then why wasn’t Mohammed’s arrival on the scene specifically foretold? Considering that he had a massive influence on the latter two thirds of those two thousand years?

    Pondering that question puts all this “prophecy” as “foretelling” in the irrelevance basket. Prophecy as telling the truth to power – what the Hebrew Bible portrays the prophets as doing – and consolation for the desolate – is what people are still going to need in the future, whether they are still on Earth’s surface, a few kilometres below the ocean surface, or a billion kilometres away from Earth, in an entirely different orbit.

  5. Alistair

    The bible is accounts of real events put into words by a people who lacked scientific understanding of the universe, all the events documented when studied with a rational mind make perfect sense The tower of babel was a pre flood era space elevator, this along with our whole civilisation was destroyed and all knowledge lost save but spoken accounts passed down person to person.To further crush our innovation and keep us stupid, religion was inroduced to survivors, had it been successfull and unquestioned we would still be in the dark ages
    We are feared by the selfish egotistical minds that created us,
    Our survival depends on our reaching into the heavens and thus the elevator must be built quickly.
    The US. Government and NASA can not be trusted, the public space program is a horrific deception, my thoughts go out to the american people and i hold hope of future unity and the lifting of the veil, we must stand together

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