LiftPort Lift Tickets now available

Over at the LiftPort website, they are now selling Lift Tickets, priced at $25.00 / one ounce.  I’m not sure what one ounce item I would send up to orbit, but I’d think of something.  I guess it would depend if I get it back or not (I’m assuming I would).  Perhaps one ounce of plant seeds to see what radiation would do to them.  Any other creative ideas out there?

What one ounce (or less) item would YOU send up to orbit if you could?

$25/ounce works out to $400/pound.  If you’re going to send yourself up there, that means a diet now REALLY makes sense – every ounce you lose saves you 25 bucks…  Kind of drives it home, doesn’t it…

You can also bid on ticket number one over at eBay

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