Site Maintenance – Phase 2

It looks like WordPress version 2.1.1 is now up and running.  It took nearly six hours to do the upgrade.  The majority of time was spent figuring out that the WordPress developers, for whatever reason, decided to combine the Posting Categories with the Link Categories.  God knows why – I certainly don’t.  This breaks one of the cardinal rules of system/program development – using one entity for two purposes.  Only a bad end can come to it (and I predict it will).  I’ve had to install some Category hierarchy in order to get my sidebar to display properly.  Stupid.  When I go to post now, all of the Link Categories show up in my Posting Category options too.  Stupid.

On the plus side, the theme that I’m using, Blix, has been upgraded to Version 2.1 by it’s author.  This means that I was able to just load it, put in the changes I’ve made to customize it, and go (once I figured out the Category nonsense).  It’s also been re-titled to BlixKreig (the developer is a German – clever, eh?).

So, I think it’s all working, but I haven’t examined every single post.  It looks like the plugins are working too…

Please, please, please – if you run into ANY kind of problem reading a post, accessing a link, or whatever, let me know.  I want this blog to be problem-free for it’s users.

Thanks for your patience everyone…

One thought on “Site Maintenance – Phase 2

  1. TheDuck

    Hi Mate!

    Congrats on getting my theme, BlixKrieg, working – I’d be happy to know about what changes you had to make to get blixkrieg working on your blog – so that I can make the upgrade process quicker for other people like you.

    Also, I feel I should point out that BlixKrieg isn’t a new update from Sebastien Schmieg (the maker of Blix), rather it is my adaptation of his Blix theme to make it wordpress 2.1 compatible and adsense enabled – I’m theDuck, at, and calling it BlixKrieg is my attempt at humour (I’m and Aussie)

    Cheers mate and good luck,


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