Carbon Nanotubes

Regular readers of this blog know that I have limited my postings (with very few exceptions) to those items which are directly related to the concept of a Space Elevator.  There are already enough other excellent blogs out there which touch on other “space-related issues” – we don’t need another one…

However, I’m going to branch out a bit, though, and begin covering carbon-nanotube news items that are, IMHO, space-elevator related.  I don’t think it’s a stretch; we’re not going to have a Space Elevator until carbon-nanotube technology gets to the point where we can build one.  News in this area is relevant to all of us who believe that a space elevator is a much more sane way to get out of earth’s gravity well.  LiftPort continues to tease us with their nanotube factory; the Federal government continues to fund Nanotube technology (more on this later) and nanotechnology, in general, shows up more and more in both news items and in actual applications.

I’m not going to post about nanotube or nanotechnology as it relates to medicine or global warming or anything that cannot be conceivably related to the development of a Space Elevator, unless, of course, I think it’s monumentally cool…

So, to begin with, here’s a site that has absolutely nothing directly to do with building a space elevator, but is monumentally cool and is worth a look by space elevator aficianados, nonetheless…

3 thoughts on “Carbon Nanotubes

  1. Michael Laine

    i was again out at the site of our eventual factory – Millville NJ recently. yes, i keep ‘teasing’ you, because it is going so incredibly slowly – and i want it all done yesterday.

    but i did get a report from our research partners just yesterday. hopefully we will have sone results of our latest test by early next week. as always, i am opptimistic.

    i dont knoe if i told you or not – we have actually made our first CNT…. a couple months ago (October) but there wasnt aything particularly special about them, not especially long, not a huge quatitiy, just your average, everyday, run of the mill nanotubes. what made it amazing was that it was OURS… 🙂

    hopefully some progress soon. we will keep you posted.

    take care. mjl

  2. Jared

    For what it’s worth, I don’t find carbon nanotubes at all off-topic here. In fact, I come to this blog in large part to check for news about nanotube progress, so I’d definitely appreciate it if you’d cover that. As I see it, carbon nanotube production is one of, if not the most important technological hurdle which must be overcome before investors will be willing to shell the truly big dollars for space elevator research.

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