Help build a Space Elevator

This is from Andy Price’s email list;

As an executive recruiter, I have had the opportunity to network with you before, and appreciate your assistance on searches and in identifying qualified candidates for key positions.  My client in the Boston area, the world’s leading carbon nanotube electronics company (profiled by Scientific American in 2005 and picked as one of the “top ten” nanotechnology companies likely to go public by both Forbes and Nanotechnology Law and Business Journal) currently has openings for Postdocs, PhDs, and MS degreed individuals with expertise in the CNT arena, particularly those doing nanostructure electronics work.  These positions will require U.S. Security Clearances, so UScitizenship is mandatory.

If you are aware of ANY students (with CNT electronics experience) who will be available or graduating in June (or earlier), please feel free to alert them to these openings, and have them submit resumes/CVs to me at;

nickm AT

Thank You,

Nicholas Meyler
Ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211

So, if you qualify, what are you waiting for?  We NEED you to help get this show on the road… (Thanks, Andy)

3 thoughts on “Help build a Space Elevator

  1. Tom Nugent

    Note that they’re doing CNT electronics. I’m pretty sure the company is Nantero, which is doing very cool work in CNT-based memory for computers. And while all CNT work can, in general, help push the state along a little bit, I doubt that this company or this job is going to do very much towards helping develop high-strength macroscopic CNT ribbons.

  2. Nicholas Meyler

    Tom is probably correct, but anything is possible… Plenty of inventions and discoveries have happened when everyone was looking the other way, expecting a different outcome.

    Thanks for posting!


  3. Kurt9

    I think it obvious to all that the real money is not in the space elevator itself, but in the “anchor port” city that grows up around it.

    Assuming the space elevator gets built where it touches down in the eastern Pacific, there will be the need for the anchor port where cargo is transfered from ships to the space elevator. This will eventually become a city. If CNT technology can be used to make a 50,000 kilometer cable, it can certainly be used to make the artificial islands or ocean floor mounted structures that then become the city. Think of it as Hong Kong II.

    Anyone done research into the corrosive effects of seawater on CNTs?

    The city can have many industries. Off shore/international banking, gambling casino resorts, eco-tourism (the floor mounted structures would be perfect for growing coral reefs), and any kind of biotech and nanotech industry that might be excessively regulated elsewhere.

    Suitable investors/residents can be found among the Overseas Chinese (Kakkyo), Israelis, and perhaps Indian; in addition to Americans and enterprising Europeans fleeing the regimented stagnant economies of Europe. My favorite are the Kakkyo (overseas Chinese) who like to have multiple residences for business and risk management purposes (Islamic S.E. Asia is not really a home for these people and Singapore is awfully crowded).

    The real money and opportunity is in that city. But the space elevator is necessary to bring that city into existance.

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