India and the Space Elevator

I’ve posted some articles previously (here and here) about mentions of the Space Elevator in the Indian Press.  Here is an article where the president of a Science Center in India speaks to his students and talks about, among other things, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and his invention of the concept of the Space Elevator.

Jan 18, 2007 Update – A reader posts a comment that Dr. Kalam, the person who made the address that I’m referring to, is actually the President of India, not just of this Science Center.  I got confused – I thought that Manmohan Singh was the President of India, but I was wrong.  He’s the Prime Minister of India.  Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, indeed is the President of India.  My sincerest apologies to Dr. Kalam and all those I may have misled.  Here is a link to a webpage about him – he has a very impressive technical background.

Imagine that, a President of a rapidly developing country, a nuclear power and a country with an active Space Program and he’s familiar with the Space Elevator.  In Dr. Edwards latest book, he indicates that six areas on the globe are potential sites for the Space Elevator.  Two of these are in the Indian Ocean and India is the country that has an active space program and is closest to these two points.  Hmmmm….

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  1. Ted Semon Post author

    Arggghhh! My sincerest apologies to Dr. Kalam and anyone I may have misled.

    Wow, a president of a country actually knowing what a Space Elevator is. Way cool…

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