More on Brad Edwards, Black Line Ascension, Michael Laine and the Easter Bunny

Over at BlogCritics, there’s an interesting set of comments on Dr. Brad Edwards latest venture (including comments from both Dr. Edwards and Michael Laine, among others).  It’s worth a read…

(PS – there’s actually nothing in there about the Easter Bunny – I just thought it looked good in the Title)

4 thoughts on “More on Brad Edwards, Black Line Ascension, Michael Laine and the Easter Bunny

  1. Brian

    there’s actually nothing in there about the Easter Bunny

    Q: What’s gray, howls at the moon and is full of cement.
    A: I dunno.
    Q: A wolf.
    Q: Wolves aren’t full of cement!
    A: I put that in there to throw you off.

  2. Darnell Clayton

    It made for an entertaining read.

    Ironically, it came across to me as…sad. Here we are all SE fans, arguing about whether or not the guy who provided a feasible way of constructing the SE has the proper current credentials to even continue.

    I don’t care if Brad Edwards worked for the Disney space center (not saying that he should, but I hope the SE Pope understands what I mean by this).

    As long as he builds it, that’s all that counts. It reminds me of a verse I once read:

    “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” ~King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 7:8

    Good luck to Brad, Laine, and the entire SE folks trying to make this happen. After all it isn’t the past that defines us, it’s the future.

  3. iain franklin

    I consider a space elevator to be essential if humanity is to achive its potential, but as an observer over the past 8 or so years, it seems there is a lot of talking, a lot of flashy websites outlining grand visions, but I can’t find a huge amount of evidence of substantial movement toward making this a reality?

    The only limit to our tomorrow is our imagination and determination today. We seem to have the imagination, but where is the determination? Who is going to be the one, like Kennedy, to put some realistic plans in place and then declare, “We are going to do this.”? Until someone says this it won’t happen.

    All that needs to be achieved in the first instance is to lower a thread from low earth orbit to sea level. As soon as we have touched the Earth from space, the principal will have been demonstrated, the imagination of a generation captured and funding will flow.

    So who is leading the team that is planning this first demo? It sort of seems like people are talking about how good it will be when someone funds them to produce the finished article, complete with asteriod counterweight and climber without actually planning on making any of the first failures that will allow this to happen.

    Orville and Wilbur did not wait until they were able to build a 747 and cross the oceans; 112 feet was good enough on the first attempt with a bit of wood and canvas.

    From what I read, the materials technology is all most with us; surely we are in a position to plan and implement a straight forward mission to simply lower a thread from orbit to earth; after all, gravity will do most the work and rather than $10 billion estimates for a working SE (yeah right!), something like this could be done for a fraction of that and would be a huge first step in the right direction.

    Sorry for the rant, but this thing needs to be built and it frustrates me that it does not seem to be happening. Sometimes, like the Gordian knot, complex, difficulty problems have some simple, direct solutions.

    Someone needs to manufacture the thread, hire the satellite, buy an old oil rig, position the oil rig in the Indian ocean, put the satellite into orbit with enough fuel, wait for the thread to arrive and then swing on it!

    Forget about travelling into ‘space’ in a glorified aeroplane; who would not want to go down in histroy as the first person to climb up a cable into space, even if it is only for a few feet!!

  4. Cleotilde Adrian

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