Black Line Ascension debuts…

The latest venture from Dr. Bradley Edwards (and Dr. Bryan Laubscher and others).  I first heard mention of this in the recently aired NOVA Science Now show – it had a blurb about him stating, among other items; “Edwards is currently with Black Line Ascension, an umbrella company with subentities working on materials development and basic engineering and research of the space elevator concept.”

I was unaware they had a website however.  Thanks to Brian Dunbar and Darnell Clayton for pointing this out.

3 thoughts on “Black Line Ascension debuts…

  1. Michael Laine

    if my counting is right, that makes his 8th company/team in five years…

    las alamos
    eureka scientific
    highlift systems (where he and i worked together)
    institute for scientific research
    carbon designs
    sedco (space elevator development company – with spacewards ben shelef)
    x-tech (eXtreme technologies
    and now black line ascention.

    but i admit, his new website is pretty flashy. i cant wait to see what he does with it. take care. mjl

  2. umbrella company

    He’s always involved with really good stuff. A barometer for where to go. I can’t get the website to load, unfortunately, so hoping to come back later and see how what it says.

  3. k

    looks like it’s now a call girl website or possibly just spam? my japanese is a little rusty. maybe they sold the url.

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