Space Debris

Patrick Boake, in this blog entry, discusses Space Debris.  I’ve seen the video he’s posted here before – it really is rather alarming.

I’ve written before that I think the idea of moving the Space Elevator out of the way of “Space Debris” or active satellites or whatever is the wrong way to go.  Put a big laser on the station(s) and just zap the offending items out of existence.  And, for those few items in orbit which are a) still active and b) get in the way, offer a free launch of a new satellite to replace the old one.

2 thoughts on “Space Debris

  1. Patrick Boake

    Thanx for the link Ted.

    I agree with you about moving the SE. It seems impractical as a first-line defense measure. A necessary capability certainly but maybe we should start by cleaning up the mess we’ve made out there? Then maybe the rest could be zapped without suxcking a whole solar-power satellite dry. 🙂


    P.S. Brian Dunbar_ is_ the Kilroy of the SE blogosphere. I wonder if he sleeps?

  2. Brian

    I wonder if he sleeps?

    I like to tease my kids with the Folgers ‘Happy Morning” song:

    “Wake up you sleepy head / you can sleep when you are (beep-beep) dead”

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