Registration for this year’s Space Elevator Games moves into high gear…

Version 1.00 (the hopefully final version) of the Rulebooks for this year Space Elevator games have now been published.  You can find the Tether competition rulebook here and the Climber competition rulebook here.

Elevator2010 has sent an email to all interested parties (reproduced below, with the permission of Elevator 2010’s CEO, Ben Shelef), strongly encouraging them to register by the end of this month.

Hello Folks – Happy New Year!

You’re getting this email because you’ve either submitted an NOI, expressed informal interest, asked us enough questions about the rules, or are otherwise affiliated with the 2007 competition.  If you’re not playing this year, let me know and I will remove you from the list.

We have just received from NASA the official approved team agreements for both Beam Power and Tether competitions. This was the last missing piece of paperwork, so we are now good and ready to proceed.  We hope you are too.

At the bottom of each of the two competition pages ( and you will now find:

1:  Rulebook version 1.00  (Yes – this is the baseline official version. We do not intend to make any more changes, though the usual caveat holds.)

2:  Team agreement, with official language regarding participation of non-US teams. (life is a bit easier this year)

3:  NOI questionnaire, which we’d like you to fill out and submit along with the NOI.  (those that have done so obviously do not have to re-submit)

If you’ve submitted an NOI, please make sure you submit the questionnaire. Download, print, read, *understand* and fill out the team agreement. Fax us a copy to 650-965-2907, and send in the signed agreement, with registration fees, to: The Spaceward Foundation 725 N. Shoreline Blvd Mountain View, CA 94043

Please try to complete the process by Jan 31st.

The registration deadline is for the faxed registration forms, on 1/31/07, midnight PST. We’ll expect the registration papers to follow by mail no later than 2/15/07.

We’re looking forward to an even faster competition this year. We plan to make 2007 bigger than 2006 in much the same amount that 2006 was bigger than 2005.  In other words, we plan to rock the world.

We hope to see you on board soon,



Ben Shelef
The Spaceward Foundation
ben AT