Comments and Spam

I’ve just added a Spam filter to my Comments. I now receive several hundred Spam comments each day and am getting tired of having to sift through them all to find the occasional, “real” Comment.  The filter I’m now trying is entitled “Did You Pass Math?”, asking the user for the answer to a simple math question.  The location of the answer box is a bit clumsy, but doable.

I’ll see how this works.  If someone has a problem with it or can suggest a better WordPress plugin, please email me at Ted AT  Thanks…

2 thoughts on “Comments and Spam

  1. Darnell Clayton

    I understand how you feel. Comments can be very annoying.

    I use Blogger’s word verification (it has removed most comments) although I am finding that sometimes that doesn’t work as it appears businesses are hiring people in third world countries to post spam manually (ghetto!).

    Best of luck on this method, let me know how it works.

  2. Ted Semon Post author

    Well, that one didn’t work. In the 2-3 hours since I’ve implemented it, I’ve received nearly 100 spam comments. Time to try something else.

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