Onward (and upward)

Earlier I had posted a link to an article predicting a functioning Space Elevator by 2099.  Here’s an article that predicts the first attempt to launch a Space Elevator (in 2025) will fail, but that “By 2050 we will have fully functioning space elevators operating at full capacity, moving both people and supplies into space.”

Better than 2099, but still not good enough.  2015 is the number I’m looking for…

1 thought on “Onward (and upward)

  1. Darnell Clayton

    2025 sounds good (just six years ahead of LiftPort’s 2031 time frame).

    I asked LiftPort over at the forums when humans would be able to go up on the SE, and it looks like sometime around 2040 (as the radiation problem is the thing holding humans back).

    Perhaps we have to find ways to insure that the SE doesn’t fail by 2025…


    Perhaps LiftPort should license carbon Nanotubes from these guys.

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