Day 2 (Part 8)

We may have a winner.  The USST Team (with assistance from Recens and TurboCrawler – borrowing their lights for additional power) made it to the top in 58 seconds !!  So, they’ve met that portion of the test requirements.  There’s also a requirement that they come down in a controlled descent within 2 minutes and there is some issue about whether they made that or not.  We’ll have to see.  But no matter what, their climb was VERY impressive – especially the first half – they really zipped up the tether.  After that, the inverse-square law began to be felt and they slowed down somewhat.  But still they made it in 58 seconds.

There are all sorts of rumors flying around about what kind of deal USST cut with Recens and/or TurboCrawler to borrow their lights.  We’ll let the future sort that out.  In the meantime, congratulations USST!!!

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