New Dr. Bradley Edwards books now available

The two new books by Bradley Edwards are now available on

The first, co-edited with David Raitt, is Running the LineScience fiction is the realm of dreams, ambitions, hopes and fears. Science is what separates fiction from reality. But what happens when science and technology progress to the point where we can make science fiction reality? That junction is currently where we find the space elevator – poised at the brink of existence. Works of science fiction first fleshed out the concept of a space elevator and we have called upon the brightest young writers to explore the possibilities of a future with the space elevator. In Running the Line the dawning of the space elevator, the far distant future and every place in between is examined. Young authors tackle construction of the first elevator, skydiving from space, regattas, colonizing the galaxy to returning home. These brilliant stories give us a glimpse of what will happen and perhaps a warning of what to prepare for.

The second, co-authored with Philip Ragan, is Leaving the Planet by Space ElevatorAn easy guide to the most exciting development in space travel since the rocket. Stripped of the technical jargon, this is a laymans guide to the breathtaking developments surrounding the space elevator: a plan to string a 100,000 km from Earth to space, revolutionising space access.

Leaving the Planet by Space Elevator is available in both printed form and as an electronic download.  Running the Line is currently only available in printed form but will probably be available for download at some point in the future as well.