Better Ways to Get into Space

Over at Accelerating Future, Michael summarizes some of the current and near-future alternatives to today’s Rockets.  His thinking / summary of space elevator technology is a bit out-of-date, but it’s still an interesting posting.

Both Brian Dunbar and I have commented upon some of the more current thinking to his post…

3 thoughts on “Better Ways to Get into Space

  1. alex

    Avarge geniuses here …
    I don’t think that the elevator is the best but ur on to something
    I beloved u are right 100 percent ur just missing the fact of reallity and our capabillity
    The eleveyor must be too big to be structurally sound or use a mass energetic that’s not yet to be found to control engiens capable of pulling the weight we are talking about
    But if u where to dig down ……yes down and reinforce this giant hole or gun berral and sling shot the craft or rocket then even go up a lilttle bit like 40 50 ft that will help shoot the rocket space craft up and what ever extra power needed to control or pushed guther can be done by rockets atcked or remote controlled boost because g forces might make hard for actuel pilot to do any thing but hold on would like to be in on this have plenty of bore ideas along with blue prints and notes just Wabash help

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