2000 tonne per day space elevator

Keith Henson proposes “…the design of a moving, non-tapered space elevator cable threaded through a system of pulleys that increase the number of supporting strands as the space elevator approaches geostationary orbit (GEO)”.

He gives a link to, I guess, a posting of this paper on the LiftPort forums but for some reason I can’t access it.  I know the idea of a pulley system has been floated around in the past – this is just the latest posting I’ve seen on this subject.

Until I can read the actual paper, I can’t comment on it.  But the abstract, accessed here, sounds interesting…

A rebuttal from David Stodolsky states that “While solar power satellites could make a contribution, they are not going to solve climatic problems. And as ongoing European Space Agency studies show, no new technology, such as space elevators is needed to activate the plan.”

Oh really?

2 thoughts on “2000 tonne per day space elevator

  1. Brian

    The link in Keith’s post is to a picture of a model he built, showing the concept.

    Why can’t you see the link’d image?

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