“Something to see, eh?”

My search engines just turned up this interview by our Canadian friends at BeyondScience.com with Sir Charles Shults III and his views on the Space Elevator.  This broadcast was originally aired in December, 2005.

As an aside, I’ve greatly enjoyed reading the postings at various forums arguing about whether “Sir” Charles is really a knight or not.  I’m not a Brit, so I don’t know (and I don’t care).  But the arguments are great fun.

In this interview, he does have his Space Elevator “facts” correct.  In addition, he mentioned a possible use of the Space Elevator that I hadn’t heard of before, using it to deliver payloads to various earth locations.  I’d always heard/read about using the Space Elevator to launch payloads to the moon and some of the planets, but I don’t see why what he suggests wouldn’t work.  There will be those, of course, who will suggest that such deliveries could be designed with hostile intent.  Yet another reason why we Americans need to do this first…